My journey, openSUSE Asia Summit

August one of the best months of 2018 for me, because for the first time I was accepted as a speaker at the 2018 OpenSUSE Asia Summit held in Taiwan, precisely in Taipei, one of the countries that I have never visited.

Before departh

on this departure I departed with several groups from their openSUSE Indonesia: Pak Kukuh, Pak Yan Arief and Pak Didiet. we went to taiwan boarding a China Airlines plane at 14:10 and arrived in Taiwan at 20:40 Taiwan time, and this was my first experience using international aircraft.

43161815435_2354b182f6_o this is when we take photos at Taiwan MRT

and after we arrived in Taiwan we bought the MRT card to use the MRT there, after that at around 11:00 p.m. we arrived at the First Hostel, here I was roomed with several people, including Gus Aftian, Pak Darian, Pak Joko, Pak Kukuh and Kakek Yan Arief.

Day 0

on Friday, we all plan to take part in the openSUSE meeting, which is in the Micro Focus SUSE office in Taiwan, and we went there after we prayed Friday at the Taiwan Grand mosque. because we waited for a very long bus, finally we all decided to walk to the SUSE office after Friday prayers, WOW!

After we arrived there, we were placed in a different room because the main room was full

photo_2018-08-22_06-56-42 here we are at the SUSE Taiwan officephoto_2018-08-22_07-06-57 Me at SUSE Office Taiwan

and in the night, there was a party speaker invitation, there I met a lot of cool people whom I haven’t memorized until now

before party speaker, Libre Office Taiwan invited us for dinner

photo_2018-08-22_07-51-42 Dinner with Libre Office Asia


photo_2018-08-22_07-53-30 the great place for speaker party

21.00 we back to hostel for tomorrow

Day 1

and the Event began, this year the OpenSUSE Asia Summit event was joined by several other major events, namely GNOME Asia Summit, and COSCUP

in this day i join to class 304

after that, on the night I attended the BoF openSUSE session, where we determined some things for next year, the openSUSE Asia Summit 2019

Day 2

Today is the day that most excited me, because on the second day I will present my paper in class 304, and also because this is the first time for me. My class started at 11.30 and it turned out that there were quite a lot, and after I talked about it, Igawa, one of the openStack and openSUSE Japanese contributors, asked about the differences between Nextcloud and Owncloud, and I was really nervousphoto_2018-08-22_09-07-25 this is mephoto_2018-08-22_09-07-18 with Masayuki Igawa

after the summit, the Indonesian contingent travels to the ximending night market and buys some souvenirs

No items found.

Day 3 – one day tour

After that event, many speaker join to one day tour at Taiwan, some of the places we visited were the National Palace Museum and Taipei 101, we went there by bus from Taipei Main Station. yes, before going to the destination we all gathered at Taipei Main Station

44065015121_6ff6d4f210_o This is us

after that Pak Darian and team went first to the airport because the plane would fly tonight. And those who have not gone home, we are invited to eat together, thanks to Frank and Eric who have invited us


and Tomorrow me, Pak Kukuh, Kakek Yan Arief and Pak Didiet return to Jakarta on the hour 08.45


This year was a very pleasant year, contributing with many great people. I hope next year you can join the next summit.

Thanks to Max Huang for holding this cool event, thanks to openSUSE and all who have contributed. you are great !


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