How to change icon in GNOME at openSUSE 15.0

In My post now, I will tell you, How to change icon in GNOME at openSUSE 15.0, oh ya I run my openSUSE on my ThinkPad T460 with the specification :

Okay, let’s start it,

  1. Download any icons at
  2. Choose your favorite icon in there
  3. The example you choose this
  4. Download your choose
  5. Extract zip at your directory
  6. In my case, I extract it at /home/user/icons/
  7. After that, move a directory icon to /usr/share/icons/
  8. Open your gnome-tweak, if you don’t have gnome-tweak install it
GNOME Tweaks

Thanks 😀

Sorry if my language is bad, Because i still learning English language.

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